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“Love the program. I am hooked”

Gary Dichtenberg, Roswell, GA 30075

Robin, Love the program. I am hooked on learning and you’ve made it even more interesting. What impresses me the most, however, is the soft and clear presentation of the materials. No ego. No selling. Just music. Your bonus book explained alot. Thanks for helping. If you are ever in Atlanta you have a place to stay. With thanks and regards,

“While I applaud your philosophy, this course is worth far more than you are charging”

Keith Wright, Florida, USA

Robin, Your course is exceeding my expectations. I have been working diligently through the first book and I wish I had found this long ago. This has to be one of the best-kept secrets in piano instruction. The audio and video clips are excellent

While I applaud your philosophy, this course is worth far more than you are charging. Thanks again and I am going to get back on the piano. Warm Regards,

“I think it is incredible”

Andy Godfrey, NY, USA

Hi Robin, Recently bought your series and think it is incredible.  My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a bar room “by ear” player and I always wanted to be sort of combination of them.  Your set of books has made it all fun for me again.  Could never be bothered by all the technical stuff, just wanted to sit and play.  Piano For All is great. Thanks, Andy

“I especially like the bite size lessons that doesn’t overwhelm the student” (63 Years old)

Bryan Collinsworth, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

Dear Robin, To start with, I am very, very pleased with the ‘Piano For All’ course.  As a 63 year old man I find it entertaining, educational and easily understood.  I especially like the bite size lessons that doesn’t overwhelm the student (me).

The presentation of easily attained elements based on simple practice and understandable basics (theory) has the student playing immediately.  Musical goals are accomplished with each sitting, heading towards greater keyboard proficiency.  In other words…. a sense of accomplishment is immediate and inspires one to continue.

Thanks again for a wonderful course, Best Regards,

“I can confidently say this is the best piano course I have ever come across”

Gary Cook, UK

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic Piano lessons.  I am nearing the end of the first section and can now confidently say this is the best piano course I have ever come across.  I find your method of teaching piano from a rhythm standpoint very helpful.  I have been playing guitar for some years and as a result I have been able to relate really well to your method.

I found with the standard way of learning Piano from other books,  that I was struggling from the start.  To use the guitar analogy it would be like trying to play like Eric Clapton from day one.  Using your method, I found that I could gain pleasure from playing a backing rhythm almost immediately, just like strumming a song on the guitar. Once again many thanks.

“A great way to learn! I actually look forward to practice every day”

John Cheeseman, DeWitt, MI, USA

Robin:  I have been following the course for over a month now.  I just wanted to write and tell you that your course exceeded my expectations.  I have purchased home piano courses in the past, but could never seen to make any real progress.  The lessons were either too complicated right from the start that I got frustrated and quit or there was too much theory and not enough actual playing music.

Then, I decided to give your course a try.  Is it possible to have fun while practicing the piano.  The answer in this case is yes. The video’s are easy to follow and each lesson presents something new, but builds on the previous skills you have learned. You still have to practice, but the practice is fun.  The lessons allow you to play and hear recognizable rhythms, while at the same time you are learning chords and music theory: a great way to learn! I actually look forward to practice every day.

“Already being able to play popular songs just amazes me!  I am having so much fun”

Vivian Bell, Fairborn, Ohio, USA

Robin, Thank you so much for this course.  I have wanted to learn to play my favorite instrument as long as I can remember.  Now that I’m an adult, I am so glad to not have to learn from the child books.  Already being able to play popular songs just amazes me!  I am having so much fun. Thanks again.

“You have changed my life!”

Bob Stuart, Aberdeen, Scotland

Hi Robin, One year almost to the day ( I slipped up I intended to make it one year exactly ) I emailed you this.

Hi Robin, I intend to give this course all I’ve got, but I’ve just turned FIFTY, and NEVER played, or tried to play any type of musical instument before. So if I can succeed and manage to play even a few tunes i’ill feel I’ve accomplished something, AND SO WILL HAVE YOU. I will get back to you in due course to inform you of my success. ( Let’s be possitive eh? ).
Bob Stuart

(later update) Well how did I do, nae bad at all. You have ( And this is no overstatement ) changed my life. I have always liked music but only to listen to. I can play that few tunes I set my goal as, only now I want to progress a little more. I must confess I have turned to the keyboard rather than the piano, a lot easier for a man my age to play just chords with the second hand.

I really do enjoy my time at my keyboard and find it so relaxing it;s not real. What’s the best tip you can give me to keep improving, ( and your not getting away with practice ). Feel free to pop this onto your web, because you are a GENIUS Robin and i mean that most sincerely. Thanks ever so much, and start charging a lot more for your superb way of teaching

“I love my piano now!”

David Petraccoro, Barnegat, New Jersey, USA

Hi Robin, just a quick note, this is david from barnegat, new jersey i started your course about three months ago, i am on part 3 and still think the course is just great. Parts 1 and 2 were just the best, I really look forward to sitting down at the piano now, and just have fun the licks and songs you use are just what i am looking for. i am 59 years young and grew up with all those tunes. keep up the great work and i will stay in touch, thanks again, david.

“Your course is largely responsible for my having the highest marks in Music Theory I and II”

David, Alabama, USA

Hey, Robin.  This is David from Alabama writing you again.  Just wanted to give you an update and some more thanks.

For anyone questioning whether they should purchase this course or take a more traditional method to learning the instrumentI can testify that they would be much better off with Piano For All.  I have just completed my degree in Music at the local college.  The knowledge I gained from your course is largely responsible for my having the highest marks in Music Theory I and II.

One can study for years the traditional method of piano with public domain songs that no one wants to hear (or play) and never come close to the understanding they will gain from a month of Piano For All. The reason is that you teach first how music is put together (how chords are formed and the rhythms in which to play them) and then talk about reading.  You go strait to the heart of the matter.  Not only do students play faster they understand more about music.  This knowledge of chords (being able to name the notes of the triads and various seventh chords) is the reason I did better than everyone else.

Do you still sell the actual printed books?  I would love to have them to go through every month or so. You are not just selling books.  You are selling the wisdom of an experienced musician. Thanks again. Good luck,

“I am very satisfied with my purchase”

Andrew Wortley, Huddersfield, England

Hi Robin, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Pianoforall course. I ordered the complete course and have just worked my way through Book 1. It is very very well put together, with simple tuition video’s and very enjoyable exercises.

Like many people I have struggled with traditional piano courses but have found the chord based approach very much easier and satisfying to play. My main aim is to play rock and blues based piano and already book one has given me a huge start on the techniques and ‘turnarounds’ needed for this type of playing.

Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am very happy for you to use my testimony for others. Regards,

“Why piano is not explained in the manner that PFA teaches is completely beyond me!”

Bob Bowen, Conway, Arkansas

Robin – PFA has been absolutely wonderful! Although I already knew the major and minor chords, the patterns that you set up to play these different chords and the songs that are associated with them are brilliant and I’m having a ball. You have “de-fanged” the piano for me. Forever I LOVED the sound of great piano players (Keith Emerson/Keith Jarret/Bobby Short are three of my hero’s) and have always marveled at folks that could sit down and just start playing by ear. I always thought that they were some sort of musical prodigies and that piano was so beyond my reach.

What really amazes me about PFA and the way you present the material is I keep having moments of “is that all they are doing? that’s all their doing!? this isn’t such a big mystery after all and why, oh why did I let piano intimidate me for soooooooo long?”.

I’m certainly not saying that piano is a breeze and I’ve figured it all out and no more struggle, etc; what I am saying is that your  course has given me basic tools and built by confidence so high that I do not fear wading into harder material. I no longer think, “this is beyond me and only musical geniuses who have had hundreds of years of lessons are capable of playing”. In other words, this course is very liberating, simple to grasp, laid out in an easy to follow format and gets you playing in NO TIME! Granted, I’ve only finished half of book one, but already I catch myself looking into the other books with great anticipation!

Why piano is not explained in the manner that PFA teaches is completely beyond me! Why most piano teaching starts out in a classical mode (the books and methods all seemed geared towards this goal) is beyond me! It is akin to teaching teenagers to drive a car BUT before they can do so they must FIRST have 4 years of physics class to understand motion and acceleration, etc.

Anyway, sorry to rant but to say I’m pleased with the course would be an understatement. Thanks so much. Sincerely – Bob Bowen

“I play acoustic guitar and sing but I am so excited to play piano now”

Tommy, NYC, USA

Hey Robin we have spoke a while back about your course..I started on book one and it is awesome.. I play acoustic guitar and sing but i am so excited to play piano now, and it so easy to create chord progressions with your method that the second day already im playing let it be progression…what is your suggestion should i just follow each page and dont move on till i master each page? was a blessing finding you, music is my life.

“It’s a brilliant course”

Regs, Adrian Pote, Ipswich, England

Robin, I am halfway through the first book. Its a brilliant course which suits the way I wanted to learn perfectly. I will certainly recommend it. I am learning lots and having fun in the process.

“Your course has really showed me the way”

Jan Persson, Burlöv Municipality, Sweden

Hi Robin, Started with the first book today, and I must say that this is excellent material.
I used to play the electric organ when I was a kid, and my problem is that I never really learned how to use my left hand, since I was taught to just play straight cords with that hand. Your course has really showed me the way after a few hours of practice and I look forward to learning more from the rest of the books. Best Regards

“Your method greatly accelerates the site reading process”

Dennis. Canada

Robin,  I am really happy with this purchase, and as advertised, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I played drums when I was younger and I still play now but, I always regret not learning to play the piano. Now that I’m in my mid 40′s, I’m trying to do just that, but of course, the traditional method of learning to play the piano could be quite difficult and time consuming. I knew there were tricks and patterns to playing piano with a natural feel. I just needed something to guide me and your method is right on.

I’m pretty good with reading note values and time signatures and I do have a good ear but, I struggle with reading pitch – especially on both clefs. Your method greatly accelerates the site reading process. Now, if I could only tempt my kids. One’s into guitar and the other doesn’t know what he wants to do. He always looked at piano as this difficult impossible thing to play. Maybe this course might change things.

You have structured this course very well and it creates an enjoyable learning process. Great course. Thanks again,

“You have everything perfectly laid out in a great sequence.   Nice job!”

Jeff Hinton, Lehi, Utah, USA

I really like your program.  I actually bought it for my son.  It basically teaches how I learned to play piano after years of frustration with trying to sight read.  However, I had to teach myself by using the chord symbols above the staff in sheet music.  I got pretty good at it, but I know that your program will motivate me and teach me a lot more.  You have everything perfectly laid out in a great sequence.   Nice job!, Thanks, Jeff

“Classically trained but wanted to play by ear”

Ed Hoare, London, England

Robin, I just wanted to send a message to say “thank you” for your brilliant piano course.

I grew up playing (mainly) classical piano, starting at 6 and carrying on until I left home at 18. By that time I was pretty good at rattling through Beethoven’s sonatas, but was always frustrated because I could barely play Mary Had a Little Lamb without sheet music.

My piano playing has been pretty sporadic for the 15 years since then, but a small upright has fallen into my lap, so to speak, and I was determined to get stuck in again. I wanted to avoid Bach this time around, so your course has been a total god-send! My hands still seem to know roughly how to find the notes, so I’ve been able to get through the first few books over a week or so to pick up the techniques.

I am now well armed with enough rhythms and chords to have a really nice basis to practice by playing them all (to tunes or with things like your circle of 5ths). Your system has been really helpful in getting me there quickly and now I just have to play lots and slowly build up my playing.

All those years playing classical and I never really developed a basic understanding of chord sequences. Can’t get enough of those inversions now!

Thanks again Robin. I hope I remember to let you know how I progress from here. The trick is to not fall out of the habit of playing (that much I learned from before), and by picking things up the way you have laid them out I’m confident that I won’t fall out of that habit. Good work! All the best,

“I practice until my hands have cramped up and can take no more”

Kim Luxton, New South Wales, Australia

Hi Robin, Thanks for your mail. I forgot to include in my address that I am in Australia. I’ve downloaded book 1 and have not touched any other instrument since starting on it. I practice until my hands have cramped up and can take no more. It’s a wonderful instruction book.  Thanks,

“This is truly awesome”

James Thomas, Resaca, Georgia, USA

Robin, I just had to send you a quick email and say thanks for putting this course on the internet at such an affordable price. I got it about 2 weeks ago and it is incredible. I have tried numerous programs in the past only to find that I got ripped off but this is truly awesome. thanks

“I would have never learned these techniques with any other course”

Skip Goetz, Cotter, Arkansas, USA

Hi  Robin, I love your course, you are a Great Teacher with have a really effective way to teach, I like your format, and explanations of the lessons, easy to understand and very effective. I would have never learned these techniques with any other course, at least not without years of study. Thanks Again,  Take Care

“As a french beginner, it is very easy to understand the explanations”

Francis, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines, France

I’ve just started your book n°1 and found it great. This is a very pedagogical way of thinking the language of piano. I tried some chords and it sounds like “REAL MUSIC’. As a french beginner, I thought I would have some difficulties with the course in english but in fact you are using very simple words and it is very easy to understand the explanations.
Thank you very much for this great course


Mila, New York, USA

Hi, Even in these beginning stages (I am only about halfway through the first book) I just wanted to let you know how brilliant and effective and fun this way of learning is! There is no course out there that I know of that knows the human musicality and how to tap into it, like you.

Whoever invented the steps, and even wording of your copy in the course is wonderful, is a great mind! I am finally playing the piano. The idea of being able to do that has eluded me all of my life, because of the myth of it being too difficult and more complicated than other instruments. It is not.
Is there anything else you are teaching, because whatever it is I will buy it. Teachers like you are hard to find in the world. Thank you so much.

“Really exciting and easy to understand”

Trevor Naidoo ( South Africa )

Hi Robin, I’ve recently purchased your course on piano for all and have found it to be really exciting and easy to understand. Thank you for a wonderful course .  Kind Regards

“Greatest piano program ever. It’s worth ten times the price”

Devon Bloomfield, NJ, USA

This program definitely helps me understand chords and read sheet music very easy. Greatest piano program ever. Its worth ten times the price.

“I am very happy to have chosen this purchase”

Luis Garcia Sieiro, Spain

Robin: Download performed perfectly! I am very happy to have chosen this purchase, and I think that your attention service is fantastic because I’ve answered my problem immediately. When I start tomorrow to learn piano with the first book I am sure that I love. When the time I will inform you by mail of my progress. Thank you very much indeed for your quick reply.

“A breath of fresh air”

Justin Forster, Victoria, Australia

Ok that’s all done. Well done for putting together such a well informed product and delivering it in a logical and progressive manner.
Here is my testimonial if you would like to use it.

Robin, I have found your product to be the breath of fresh air that my piano playing has needed. It is really quite an outstanding approach for people like me who have some piano experience already. I just can’t wait to get to the later books. Well done for putting together such a well informed product and delivering it in a logical and progressive manner. Kind regards,

“I am showing up my grandkids who never would dream I could do this.”

Martin E Neltner, President, Neltner Billing and Consulting Independence, Kentucky, USA

Who would ever thought at age 60 that I could learn to play the piano.  Your instructions make it fun and challenging to practice practice so you can move to the next lesson.  I am in book one almost to the end in less than 10 days. Thank you for making an ole man feel good about himself.  I am showing up my grandkids who never would dream I could do this.

Martin E Neltner
President, Neltner Billing and Consulting
Independence, Kentucky, USA

“I regret terribly not knowing something like this years ago.”

David Price, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England

Hi Robin,I have checked yor instructions in your marvellous 1st few sheets and applied them and when Hit the button that said “Etract all Files”. Everything opened up and worked. All the Audio and Video files all work on all the Books.

I am so thrilled with your course, I spent 10 years on piano lessons from Age 10 to 20years and never learnt anything like this. My new Yamaha Digital piano arrives tomorrow. But I have been looking through the course while I am waiting for it to come.and I am so excited and bowled over by your course. I cannot begin to express my appreciation to you for such a wonderful course. I regret terribly not knowing something like this years ago.

Thank you again.And if I may I will E-Mail you from time to time to tell you of my progress. With Kind regards.

“I can play something that sounds decent very quickly”

Jim Shanks, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England

Hi Robin, just finished downloading and all is working perfectly again. Subfolders now have contents and are stored on my desktop.

Thanks for your rapid replies to my queries. I wish I had the dedication to study your books every day, they really are working and the videos help tremendously. I can play something that sounds decent very quickly which is very encouraging. Thanks again

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