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Once I have completed more courses I will be setting up a ‘Pianoforall Academy’ and selling them individually at $49 EACH


You get permanent access to ALL the current and ALL future Classics By Ear courses for just a single payment of $49!


For over a decade, Pianoforall has taught almost half a MILLION people worldwide how to play popular piano, and now we’re going to teach you how to play incredible CLASSICAL pieces in the same way.

A completely new way to learn!

Instead of complicated sheet music, you will learn ‘by ear’ through Video, Audio ‘Cheat Sheets’, keyboard diagrams and specially annotated music notation that will allow ANYONE to play these pieces!

video cheatsheets

These pieces are EASY to play but sound sophisticated!

The pieces you will be learning aren’t the usual cliched beginner’s pieces (like ‘Fur Elise’). We have chosen pieces that sound advanced yet are actually deceptively EASY to play – which means your audience will think that you have been playing for YEARS!

Perfect for VISUAL learners!

The course is perfect for those people who read a little music but aren’t very advanced – but its also great for VISUAL learners, those who play by ear but want to play some beautiful classical pieces.

Even complete beginners can learn these pieces!

If you have no prior knowledge you can still follow the lessons if you are prepared to put in lots of practice.

Amazing interactive ebooks with embedded Video and Audio

Each course has over 4 HOURS of high quality video and Audio instruction along with exceptional supplementary PDF ebooks that you can print out and set on your piano or keyboard.

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Over 20,000 students worldwide have already taken these courses!

Students from all around the world, who have never even played piano before, are amazing themselves by playing pieces that they have only dreamed about playing.

If you want to be able to sit down at any piano and play these amazing pieces BY EAR – without performance anxiety then these courses are for you.


“This course is wonderful. The instructions are detailed and clear, with easy-to-follow demonstrations. I could always get useful tips when I needed them. I couldn’t possibly manage to learn this beautiful piece without this course, in only 28 days. (last time I wanted to learn it from sheet music and gave up at bar 5…) I played this piece in front of my family and got loads of praise 😀 Thank you, dear instructor. Learning piano has never been this engaging and fun.”
“It is an excellent way to teach someone how to play….I love the music and I want to play it. The instructor does a very thorough job of explaining a lot about the piece…from they types of cords, how to read the music, when to press pedals, its pretty amazing. I am very happy to have found this teacher and this course. Worth every penny!
“Robin Hall is a masterful teacher. I am able to play this gorgeous piece of music on the piano thanks to this very clear, enjoyable, first-rate tutorial. I am amazed at what I was able to learn–these lessons are fantastic and have changed my life! Thank you!”

Remember, this is an exclusive offer only for Pianoforall students!

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For ONE payment of just $49
you get instant access to:


Classics By Ear – Moonlight Sonata

Classics By Ear – Bach Preludes

Classics By Ear – Erik Satie


You will also receive ALL future ‘Classics By Ear’ courses
as they become available!
(The next three courses are on Chopin).

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