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The Perfect Solution to your needs.

Many piano methods teach you how to play very old traditional tunes because they are free from copyright. I HATE that! Who wants to play (or listen to) a plonk plonk version of ‘Oh Suzanna’?

Other methods focus on just one style of playing – and you basically learn how to play a dozen or so tunes and that’s it – end of story – and you have to pay for another method to learn more.

Pianoforall lays a FOUNDATION that can be applied in ANY direction and any musical style. When you learned how to read and write you didn’t just learn other peoples sentences – you learned the alphabet so that you could construct your OWN sentences. Pianoforall gives you the tools to play whatever style you want.


How-long-playing-1aYou get to sound like a Pro
right from the start.

Pianoforall has been specifically designed so that you CAN achieve a professional sound within DAYS – you can be the life and soul of the party before you know it. You then become HIGHLY motivated to learn more and this is the most effective way to learn.

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This is the way self taught popular musicians learned
Piano or Keyboard.

I guarantee you – most of your favourite self taught Pianists or Keyboard players used EXACTLY the same techniques, secrets, formulas and ‘bluffs’ outlined in Pianoforall.



Perfect blend of fun and expert knowledge.

Pianoforall is the king of step by step methods. Every single exercise leads seamlessly into the next so that as you progress you never feel out of your depth. Pianoforall also shows you ESSENTIAL techniques that other methods leave out because they don’t look to your future learning needs.


You learn how to read music with no effort.

Pianoforall uses a unique combination of Keyboard Diagrams, Musical Notation, Audio and Video so that you learn by a process of ‘Visual Association’ – in other words you learn it FIRST using Keyboard Diagrams, Audio and Video and then you see what it looks like in musical notation – and your brain locks the two together. No other course has this!

Sight reading sheet music is ESSENTIAL for your future learning because it opens a vast realm of musical knowlege for you to draw upon. Because Pianoforall teaches you how to Play By Ear AND sight read sheet music you will learn so much more and at a far greater pace.


Some other methods leave you wanting more within days.

Pianoforall is like a great film where the more you see it the more you discover in it. Even though you learn great Piano within days there is so much in Pianoforall it will serve you well for years.


Pianoforall can teach ANYONE how to play piano.

Millions of people worldwide are AFRAID of learning piano. There are THOUSANDS of keyboards in attics and lofts collecting dust. Why? because people think that it’s a dream beyond their reach. They think it will just take too long and that they won’t have the time (or the stamina)

Pianoforall demystifies the art of playing piano. I know for certain, because I have proved it time and time again, that ANYONE can learn to play Piano or Keyboard – given the right instruction – and it doesn’t matter what age you are!


Incredibly easy to use.

Pianoforall isn’t some complicated computer software. Pianoforall is in easy to use ebook format (PDF files) that you can either view on your computer (or tablet)  or print out and place on your Piano or Keyboard stand. As you read through the books simply click on the embedded Audio or Video and they open right there on the page – It couldn’t be easier – just click and play.


Who is Pianoforall aimed at?

Whether you can’t play a note – or you play a bit but want to improve – or maybe you play another instrument and want to diversify – or if you can read sheet music but can’t play by ear or even if you want to teach others – Pianoforall is the method for you!


Perfect for Piano or Keyboard.

Because Pianoforall teaches a wide range of styles you can take your playing in any direction you choose and you can apply all the techniques equally well to Acoustic or Digital Piano / Keyboard. Pianoforall teaches the groundwork that is absolutely essential whether you play Piano or Keyboard.


avoid-yearsSave Money – Save Time – Save effort.

Pianoforall will not let you down. A lot of the feedback I get from students is about how grateful they are that they finally found a Piano method that actually does what it promises to do.

There are a lot of methods to choose from – I know it’s a hard decision – and the wrong method can cost you a lot of time, frustration and money.


Quality at an affordable price.

I have checked out most other piano methods and many are priced (in my opinion) at ridiculously high prices for what is finally delivered. Pianoforall is one of the best quality Piano Methods available but because it is all-complete and downloadable I can keep it at a reasonable price. Therefore.. you get incredible value for money – but don’t take my word for it – try it and see for yourself.


Unbeatable Support.

Even though the number of Pianoforall students is growing rapidly every day I will guarantee a fast personal response to any of your questions. Email me right now with a question and put me to the test. [email protected] See for yourself how quickly and effectively I respond. I also LOVE to hear how students are getting on with the course and try to keep everyone motivated to keep at it. Have a look at all the incredible testimonials and see for yourself how much the students enjoy the course.


Instant Download or Delivered to your Door.

If you want to get started right now you can download immediately and start playing great piano or Keyboard. Don’t like downloading? – then order the complete course and have it delivered on a DVD ROM (data disc). You can access directly from the disc or copy it over to your computer – Easy!


Pianoforall has incredible testimonials you can TRUST!

Pianoforall students from around the world love the course so much they are even willing to give out their email address to help others who want to know more about the course. You won’t find this with any other Piano method online.


Don’t believe the Hype?

I’ll be straight with you, I HATE hype and I hate shabby ‘thrown together to make money’ products. I like honesty and quality. I’d probably make a lousy car salesman.

Of course I want you to buy Pianoforall, but only for the right reasons, I want you to feel satisfied that you are making an informed decision.

I honestly don’t think you will get better value for money and although I think you’d be crazy not to snap it up right now and start learning Piano, I also understand that you most likely want to think about it. Drop me a line if you’d like anything clarified, it won’t cost you a cent.