Keywords (SEO) Google Ads

images-1Using Keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO) & pay per click advertising (Google Ads)

When Pianoforall first went online we had to use Google Ads in order to get any visitors at all.
It takes quite a while before a site becomes established enough to get onto the first few pages of Google for the top keywords.
In order to get a high placement in the free Google search results you need a combination of:

• Great content
• Lot’s of Backlinks – as many as possible from high ranking sites
• Well placed keywords throughout your content

Google ads are a sure fire way to bring targeted traffic to your site – but make sure you know exactly what you are doing because you can spend a LOT of money in a VERY short time with few results if you aren’t careful. Go to Perry Marshall’s site and start learning.

To begin with keep your budget small – test the ads – see what happens. Make SURE you use Google analytics – it is ESSENTIAL that you can see what is happening – who is clicking on the ads – what pages they are visiting – how long they are staying and so on

Be prepared that most visitors stay for just ONE minute then go. Then try to figure out how to make them stay longer.

Don’t expect immediate results. Once you place your ads don’t expect a flood of sales. Think about how you buy things online yourself. Let’s say you are buying a new laptop. You go to one or two sites – you check Amazon to see the reviews – then you may try a local website – then you may check to see if any other sites have any offers – then you may leave it and go back to the sites after a few days.

As an affiliate you want the visitor to YOUR site to click through to Pianoforall – but if you fool them into doing that with a false link (that says ‘read more about Pianoforall here’) then they may just try another ‘review’ site for more answers and then that review site’s hoplink will replace yours. You need to be the LAST affiliate site they visit before they purchase from Pianoforall. Give the visitor EVERYTHING they need so that they don’t go somewhere else looking for answers.

Negative keywords are keywords that can relate to two or more vastly different subjects which means that people may click on your ads who have no interest in your product.
For instance – you might use the phrase “Learn Keyboard” – which would seem to be very relevant to learning a musical keyboard but lots of people may be wanting to learn to TYPE (using a keyboard) so they will mistakenly click on your ad costing you money.

Being ‘upfront’ may save you money too
You may even want to go as far as putting the PRICE of the program in your ad – then only people who are prepared to PAY for piano lessons will click on it. People may use the word FREE in their ads thinking that that will get them a lot more clicks but people who want something free clearly aren’t wanting to pay for a piano course so they are not good customers.

The keyword phrases below are some of the highest searched phrases on Google to do with learning piano.

All of them will be very useful for Search Engine Optimisation but keep in mind that sometimes the top searched keywords aren’t always the ones that generate the most sales because there will be a LOT of competition for these keywords perhaps from sites that are well established and have more backlinks.

I used these keyword phrases for a Google Ad campaign. I list them in order of highest ‘impressions’ first (impressions means the amount of people who searched using this phrase) Keep in mind that just because a lot of people search using a particular phrase doesn’t mean that this will result in more sales. You need to analyse your results to see which keywords are resulting in more sales. For instance, because Pianoforall is a chord based programme you may get more sales from keywords to do with learning piano chords.

If you want to generate your own set of keywords use the Google Keyword Tool

easy piano lessons
learn piano
how to play the piano
piano chords
yamaha keyboard
play piano in a flash
jazz piano made easy
keyboard lessons
piano chords chart
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