How To Get Started

To start making sales promoting Pianoforall you need to do 4 things

clickbank-logo1. Create an account with Clickbank

2. When you create your account you will get a
unique Clickbank ‘ID’

3.You will then create a special ‘hoplink’ that has YOUR ID and Pianoforall’s ID in it

4. You use that special link to send people to Pianoforall and if they use it to come to the site and make a purchase you will get 60% commission


Not already a member of Clickbank?

If you aren’t already a member of Clickbank you will need to sign up before you can get your hoplink
This is FREE and will only take a few minutes – it’s just a one page form and once you complete it you will get your special ‘Hoplink’ which you can use to start earning commission through promoting PIANOFORALL

CLICK HERE to sign up with Clickbank (opens in a new window)

Once you have signed up CLICK HERE to get your hoplink for PIANOFORALL


Already a member of Clickbank?

If you are already a member of Clickbank CLICK HERE to get your hoplink for PIANOFORALL

And we wish you success with your promotions

How to TRACK your promotional efforts

ClickBank Tracking IDs

One way to make your ClickBank reporting even more useful is to attach Tracking IDs (also called TIDs) to your HopLinks.
Tracking IDs are unique codes, up to 24 digits, that you create to identify your various promotional efforts. You can add these codes directly into your HopLink upon creating your HopLink in the Marketplace, or you can attach them to the end of your HopLink manually after it’s created.

For more information on Tracking IDs, see All About HopLinks